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Our experienced Laravel developers help companies around the world addressing

  • complex business logic
  • scalability & performance
  • security vulnerability & outdated technologies
  • integration challenges

with custom-made, professional and visionary Laravel web solution.

Laravel’s outstanding fundamental framework, features and low maintenance foundations make it an excellent choice for either new or existing projects. From simple apps, ERP integration, or CMS to complex E-Commerce websites, our team can build it for you.

Why Companies Choose Laravel?

Firstly, Laravel offers a clean and elegant syntax that makes it easy to understand and work with. This allows developers to write code that is not only efficient but also highly maintainable. The framework also provides a wide range of built-in features and libraries, saving developers time and effort in building common functionalities from scratch.

Another reason to choose Laravel is its extensive ecosystem. Laravel has a vibrant community of developers who contribute to the framework by creating packages and plugins. These packages cover a wide range of functionalities, from authentication and authorization to payment gateways and API integrations. By leveraging these pre-built components, developers can accelerate the development process and focus on building unique and value-added features for your business.

Laravel also excels in performance and scalability. The framework utilizes caching and optimization techniques to ensure speedy response times, even for complex applications. It also supports horizontal scaling, allowing your application to handle a large number of users and traffic without compromising performance. With Laravel, you can future-proof your business by building a scalable and flexible web application that can grow with your needs.

Our Laravel consulting & development services include:

Laravel Web Development

DrDesign is an industry leader in Laravel development. Our developers can build your business a comprehensive and secure site powered by Laravel.

Laravel is the premier PHP framework, and our dedicated team, can use it to make your website easy to maintain, and cost effective. Additionally, Laravel was developed with E-Commerce and SAAS features in mind.

Laravel Enterprise Development

We employ the Laravel framework to create large-scale and complex web applications specifically tailored to meet the needs of enterprise-level businesses. It involves leveraging Laravel’s robust features, scalability, and flexibility to build enterprise-grade applications that can handle high volumes of traffic, large databases, and intricate business logic.

Laravel Module Development

Our team of developers can harness the power of the Laravel framework to build feature-rich modules and apps that can help you grow and scale your business.

We build custom high-quality websites, web applications and mobile apps to cater to SMEs and enterprise clients. Our extensive experience with Laravel app and module development includes, CRM integration, ERP integration, Content management systems, POS systems, API development and much more.

Laravel Design and Theme Development

Our approach goes beyond aesthetics – we are dedicated to enhancing brand engagement, optimizing user experiences, and boosting conversion rates.

Drawing on our wealth of experience, technical expertise, and creative prowess, we create tailored solutions that align with your unique business goals.

Custom Laravel Development

Get noticed and rise above the crowd by taking advantage of DrDesign’s custom development services. Our developers will tailor your site to suit your business’s needs. We are experts in making custom-made websites for Governments, Universities, Media Companies, Start-ups, and Fortune 500 Companies. There is no task too big or too small for our team.

Laravel E-Commerce Development

Ready to launch an online store? Or do you want to make your current E-Commerce site more profitable?

A Laravel powered E-Commerce platform may be the solution for you. DrDesign has over a decade of experience with Laravel. We have assisted many SME’s grow their online presence and revenue. We begin with a needs analysis of your business and then recommend the solution that will best help you succeed. Additionally, we leverage the features of Laravel to analyze user behavior in order to target advertising and promotions in order to convert browsers to buyers.

Laravel Mobile Development

As more users interact with the internet using mobile devices each year, it is imperative to optimize your business’s website to accommodate desktop, tablet, and mobile users. DrDesign can your Laravel website accessible to users on any device. We ensure that our Laravel deployments are fully responsive to ensure that your website is not only mobile friendly but optimized for desktop and tablet users as well.

Laravel Upgrade Services & Migrations

Are you currently running an older version of Laravel?

DrDesign is one of the premiere Laravel development companies in North America. Our team specializes in upgrades and migrations to bring your site to the newest and safest Laravel version.

Our team is here to serve your business’s needs. The current version of Laravel can power your website with the assistance of our skilled developers. Migrating and upgrading a site can seem like an overwhelming, time-consuming, and daunting task. However, with DrDesign, we have the team, experience, and know how to make the process quick, painless, stress-free, and most importantly cost-effective.

DrDesign also offers ongoing support and maintenance solutions to make sure that your website is always running smoothly. Our support team has expertise in handling compatibility issues, trouble shooting, and performance optimization.

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