About our Developer Team

DrDesign offers 20 years of experience in a wide range of web technologies. This vast knowledge and expertise means we are able to integrate multiple technologies to most effectively complete your project. 

Our developers are dedicated to their craft andt will use their innovation to create a web solution that is ideal for your business.

Technically Speaking…

We have extensive experience in server-side languages PHP and Python. Our team has a thorough understanding of object-oriented MVC frameworks (Laravel, Zend, CakePHP).

We are proficient in Drupal 7, 8 and 9 as well as WordPress and WooCommerce. DrDesign’s expertise extends to React, JQuery, ES6 Javascript, Bootstrap, SCSS and CSS. We use front-end build tools such as Webpack, Laravel Mix and Gulp. Our team is also skilled in Git version control and Acquia BLT.

As far as database work, the DrDesign team has worked extensively with Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. We have a firm foundation in Requirement Analysis, SQL, E-R Modeling, Semantic object modeling, design and implementation. We also have strong PL/SQL coding skills.

Trusted Web Development Company in Canada

In addition to all of these intricate technological specialities, we are certified DocuSign eSignature API specialists and have Government of Canada security clearance, allowing us to work on GoC projects.

Read our case study: How the Latest Application Design Methodologies Helped Canada’s Federal Research Agencies.

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Why Clients Choose DrDesign's Developers

We establish clear objectives & foster open communication. Our clients are kept in the loop with timely and regular updates and feedback requests.

We have strong team dynamics with positive and supportive team environment, being able to work efficiently with your in-house teams as well.

We encourage creativity and innovation and have built a learning culture in our company. No challenge is too big for our team to provide the technical solution for your idea or business matter.

✔ Our deliverables, developed functionalities are thoroughly tested and QAd to make sure the final product does meet all your expectations.