Search Engine Optimization

Reach & Engage Your Audience with ROI-Driven SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a buzz word in the world of web design and online marketing. Business owners can feel overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all of the SEO trends and tools available but the reality is, you are an expert in your field, we are experts in ours.

Our SEO speialist team provide a meticulously crafted strategy aligned with your business goals to ensure your site is seen by your potential customers. Let us take the mystery out of SEO and help elevate your website’s visibility, engagement and its potential to become your top sales & demand generation tool.

SEO Essencials

By now, we can all agree that the higher you rank in search results, the better. And since search engines want to provide users with reliable, quality results they use algorithms to determine websites that provide the best match.

There are a number of ways to boost your SEO and aspects of your website that can be tweaked for the greatest impact.

  • In-depth diagnostics & SEO audits. We will take the pulse of what you’re currently doing, point out what’s working well and suggest ways to improve. We will restructure your website for better  discoverability for your product or service.
  • On-Page SEO & Off Page SEO implementations. Tweaking the visible and the behind-the scenes elements, including loading time optimization.
  • When building a site from scratch, we customize the process to target the most important metrics used by Google and other major search engines. The site is built with SEO best practices in mind, therefore establishing a firm foundation for all of the elements.
  • Use a CMS with built-in functionality to maximize your SEO potential.
  • Not only do you want people to visit your site, you want them to take action when they get there. Working on your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will take your investment to the next level.
  • Connect with local customers through targeted Local SEO for your geographical area.
  • If your business is selling things online, a focus on E-Commerce SEO will target precise traffic.
  • Using the best words on your website is critical to the success of your ranking. A Keyword Analysis will determine the words that appropriately describe your products and services as well as match what people are searching for.
  • Content strategy focusing on and aligned with your buyer’s journey walks hand-in hand with a successful SEO strategy.
  • Link building not only improves your ranking with search engines, but can also build relationships and build your brand.

We Align SEO with Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Technical SEO best practices alone won’t drive the engagement quality you need for a long-term business success. Top rankings, a great backlink profile and vanity metrics will drive traffic, but not the engagement you might need for a longer buying cycle. Your content & SEO strategy has to be aligned with your audience buyer journey, behaviour, interests and pain points. It has to fully reflect the true voice of your brand, the authority and expertise in your field.

Discover how our SEO & Content Marketing program can empower your business by increasing engagement, boosting lead form submissions, online purchases and optimizing your customer acquisition costs.

Here’s how we connect SEO strategies with Content Marketing:

  • Collaborating with your content production team, we provide expert guidance on creating an editorial calendar that incorporates SEO seamlessly into your content creation process. This ensures that every published piece is optimized to attract organic search traffic.
  • Evaluating your existing content: We thoroughly assess and optimize your existing content to align with current trends and audience behavior. Our recommendations help refine and enhance your website’s content experience, suggesting what to create, consolidate, or remove.
  • Content Creation: Our specialized team of writers excels in producing helpful and meaningful content that educates and motivates your prospects throughout their buyer’s journey. From top-of-the-funnel awareness to form submission and purchase conversions, we craft high-quality content that resonates with your audience.
  • Interactive content  development: We help you engage your prospective customers with interactive elements such as calculators, single-page applications, infographics, and tools that provide an immersive experience.

When it comes to leveraging SEO & content strategy for your company, you can trust the SEO specialists at DrDesign to drive high-intent and relevant traffic, help you expand demand and drive more conversions.